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Fantasia is an artwork in which I continued to explore my character Yume.  Yume came about from my studies in Japan eight years ago when I was studying as a student. In Japanese mythology there is a fascinating creature called the Baku. It is said if you call the Baku in your nightmares the creature will come and eat away the night terrors replacing them with dreams. However, if you call the Baku too often it devours all your hopes and dreams. Derived from the Baku, Yume was developed because I found the original imagery of the Baku terrifying and not something I would call in my sleep to save me from my nightmares. Through blood, sweat and tears Yume fights all the terrors of the night with her unstoppable and fierce strength, well in my dreams she does amongst all the different versions of myself. 


  • Year: 2016

  • Medium: Pencil on paper

  • Dimensions: 29cm x 42cm (unframed)

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